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Jaggery Banana Oats Porridge (pack of 3)


Lots of banana fruit, ground rolled oats, milk & jaggery top up for the 100 calorie snack for your lil’ One. Sweetened with jaggery to ensure your lil’ One gets healthy calories. Ready to eat, No need to heat, No need to chill! Just carry it and let your lil’ One scoop it on the go!

Pack of 3 (105g x 3)


Jaggery oats banana porridge is a 100 calories breakfast/ evening snack designed to be the quick energy booster for your lil’ones, whether you are at home or traveling.

  • Fresh puree from 2 bananas cooked with the best rolled oats and jaggery to combine taste and nutrition for your lil’ones.
  • Energy booster: one shot of energy for your lil’ones to get re-energized.
  • Each pack contains 8 essential vitamins and minerals, lots of Goodness and taste.
  • A creamy smooth texture making it easy to consume, yet keeping them full for longer.
  • All natural ingredients, no preservatives, no added sugar, only Goodness for your lil’ Ones!
  • Eco-friendly international grade BPA free, recyclable plastic.


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